How to stop watching adult stuff on tumblr

For me the answer was simple as I choose not to see any adult content on my dashboard. However the problem is a bit more complex as I’ve seen bloggers talking about the addiction of porn. Don’t know if it’s an addiction or a thing people do and they don’t like the outcome, but I saw an opportunity to make a little post. Maybe the solution for those that are not affected hard about this stuff can be an easy exercise as the one that follows:

- whenever you feel the craving or you stumble upon adult content and the blood start to rush in STOP

- Pause and Breath

- then intentionally think about something else; hint you can use here something you always wanted to do, be or feel. This way you direct that energy to an outcome you will enjoy. For example start thinking on how you can make your relationship with your partner even more satisfying.

If you find that you need more to overcome the problem follow this link where you will see how to stop porn addiction. I follow this guy on twitter and facebook as well and I came to trust his words. See for yourself and use the resources he is offering to your advantage.